Meet AGO at Berkeley

What is ΑΓΩ?

Alpha Gamma Omega (ΑΓΩ or “AGO”) is a national, Christ-centered fraternity. It was founded in 1927 at UCLA, making it one of the oldest national fraternities in the United States that have retained its Christian values. In 1938, UC Berkeley became home to the second chapter: Beta.  There were 12 original charter members, with E. Harlan Fischer appointed as the first president. There are currently 11 active chapters. AGO maintains a close relationship with its Christian “sister” sorority, Alpha Delta Chi.


The Beta Chapter

Alpha Gamma Omega is the only Christ-Centered Fraternity at the University of California: Berkeley campus since 1938. We are recognized by the IFC and are actively involved in the Greek system, local churches, and the Cal community. We own our own house about 3 blocks from campus where most of the active members live. We also house boarders, who are not active members of the fraternity but enjoy living in the house. We believe that we are to love and serve our university and Greek community as Jesus loved & served us.


Our Purposes as a Fraternity

Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we, as Christian young men of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity purpose that it shall be the aim of this fraternity:

  • To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,
  • To promote Christian fellowship,
  • To present Christian ideals in word and deed,
  • To search reverently for the truth,
  • To uphold the traditions and ideals of the university,
  • And to deepen the spiritual lives of the members.


Want to live at ΑΓΩ?

If you are a male college student looking for housing, Alpha Gamma Omega might be the place for you! Included in rent is all utilities, internet, laundry, and a friendly community!

Please contact our house manager for more information.


Interested in Joining ΑΓΩ? Here’s our Interest Form!

If you want to become a part of a lasting Christian brotherhood that has thrived for nearly 100 years or just want to know more about ΑΓΩ, fill out our interest form! And look at our Rush page as well!