Fall 2023 Rush Schedule is coming soon!


Rush Week is full of events designed to allow you to connect with the brothers of ΑΓΩ and vice versa.


If you are interested in joining ΑΓΩ or just want to see what a Christian fraternity is like, we would love for you to attend our Rush Week. Events details will be posted soon. 


Rushing is IN NO WAY A COMMITMENT to joining ΑΓΩ. It’s fun and free! 


Rush happens at the beginning of each Spring and Fall semester. Don’t miss out! We hope to see you soon!



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  • QUESTION: If I go to an event, does that mean I’m pledging?
  • ANSWER: No! All rush events are completely non-committal. Pledging is an entirely separate thing.
  • QUESTION: How does the transition from rushing to pledging happen?
  • ANSWER: At the end of Rush Week, the brothers decide which rushees will get bids. If you get a bid, you have the OPTION of pledging the fraternity.