Hello fellow Golden Bears,

The brothers at Alpha Gamma Omega (AGO) welcome all to our Fall Rush 2017. As the only Christ-centered fraternity at UC Berkeley, we strive to encourage each other in our faith. We endeavor to grow as a community, supporting each other to be men of honesty and hard work. As students, we prioritize academics high on our list and want to use our gifts for the good of others and the glory of God. AGO is a great community of Christian young men that support and challenge each other to be the men that we are called by God to be. Come by the house for a great time and see if you find your community at AGO.



Rush Week is the week full of activities and events for you to meet us and learning about our brotherhood.

If you are interested in joining the AGO community or just looking for a good time or fellowship,

we would love for you to swing by for rush and kick it with us!


Remember! Rushing is IN NO WAY A COMMITMENT. It’s fun and free! 


Rush happens twice a year (usually beginning of the semester). So don’t miss out! Hope to see you there!


Check below to see the where and when for our upcoming Rush Week!


Fall 2017 Rush starts on August 25!



RSVP on Facebook facebook-icon-transparent-background or Contact Us



Upcoming Rush Events


Aug 25 @ 7pm- Intro Dinner featuring Zachary’s Pizza

Aug 26 @ 10am- Ultimate Frisbee at Willard park

Aug 27 @ 6pm- AGO Refuge Worship Night

Aug 28 @ 6pm- Hike to Big C

Aug 29 @ 7pm- Putt-Putt w/ ADX

Aug 30 @ 8pm- Fenton’s Ice Cream

Aug 31 @ 9:30- Broom Ball




  • QUESTION: If I go to an event, does that mean I’m pledging?
  • ANSWER: No! All rush events are completely non-committal. Pledging is an entirely separate thing


  • QUESTION: How does the transition from rushing to pledging happen?
  • ANSWER: At the end of Rush Week, each fraternity decides which rushees to offer bids to. If you are offered a bid, you have the OPTION of pledging the fraternity.